Tokaj wines

Taste some of the best wines of the region!

Infantry bunker, Czech Republic

Tour prepared specially for military fans will lead you through different places connected with World War II (and Cold War) in the Eastern Europe.

Puszta horse show, Hungary

Tours of the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe prepared especially for photographers.

Krakow city centre

11D / 10N itinerary covering the most important Jewish heritage sites in the two countries of Central-Eastern Europe.

Loretto Church, Prague

Highlights of Prague, Vienna and Budapest – centers of the former Habsburg Empire.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Two neighbouring countries with very ambiguous historical relations

Krakow Cloth Hall

Touring the former federation countries of Czech Republic, Slovakia and their northern neighbour – Poland.

Bird ringing, Czech Republic

Inspira offers great programme packages for avid birders from all over the world.