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Team building in Prague and the Czech Republic | Inspira DMC

Team Building

If you are looking for a destination for your team building or team spirit event, the Czech Republic is perfect for you! There are great conditions for outdoor activities, highly experienced coaches and instructors, and you can take advantage of lower prices and short distances.
Last but not least we have a long tradition of outdoor training with special approach in the Czech Republic. We are proud to say that it was us who participated on the boom of outdoor training in the Czech Republic some years ago.

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Case study: Animated movie

Our VIP client – a multinational IT company – assigned a task to us to prepare a team building program for their service department. The main aim was to enhance the team cooperation and increase the loyalty within the company through work on collective project. The team had already participated in many “classical” team building events – so this time they were looking for an original tailor-made program.

We proposed a day long indoor creative program – shooting of an animated movie. We chose this topic because it perfectly matched the main goals of team building:


• fostering team cooperation
• training the division of the roles within the team
• working on a joint project that has “a tangible outcome”


The whole team was subdivided into approximately 10 groups. Each group was in charge of a short movie sequence – all sequences together made the whole film. Therefore groups had to cooperate with each other in order to assure the continuity with preceding and subsequent sequences.
In the first stage of the program we separated the participants according to their specialization: Thus we had a group of directors that was working on the script and general idea of the movie, a group of cameramen who received detailed instructions how to work with the cameras, a group of producers striving for the continuity of the movie and a group of scene-shifters who were working on the decorations.
After that, in the second stage, all crew joined together again and started to work on their sequences. Each sequence was approximately 10 – 25 seconds long, the whole movie took about 3 minutes. To further intensify the group cooperation we swapped the directors in the middle of shooting.
After the work was done we joined the participants for the review of the whole day facilitated by experienced coaches. In the meanwhile, a PC post-production of the movie took place, so that at the end of the program we could have an “opening night” in a Hollywood style.

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