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Leisure and holiday in the Czech Republic | Inspira DMC
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Inspira is expert in preparing your tailor –made holiday, for both groups, as well as individual clients and families. We offer guided tours, escorted tours, as well as group programmes and self-guided itineraries. Our tours focus on Prague, the Czech Republic, but also other Eastern European countries.
In the same way that there are 1000 different clients with different interests and taste, we can organize your holiday in 1000 different ways focusing on different topics!

This is a must see! The Czech Republic is a country with long history and deep traditions. Therefore it is rich in cultural heritage and many of the monuments, 12 at the moment, have been entered into the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage. If your group is focused on history, we will be most happy to design a tailor–made tour for you visiting some of the UNESCO and cultural sites of your interest, such as Prague, Český Krumlov, or Kutná hora and many more.

Would you like to set off for the „holiday of your life“ but the ordinary offers of the travel agencies are not appealing to you? Inspira offers to make your dreams come true! We will arrange a tailor-made VIP holiday in Prague and the Czech Republic for you without any compromises. You do not have to adapt your wishes to anyone else any more! Your VIP tour may include program oriented holidays, adventure, expeditions, VIP event tours, wedding, honeymoon travels, or anything else you wish.

The Czech Republic is famous for its spa tradition that has evolved thanks to favourable natural conditions. Moreover, nowadays most of the hotels dispose of high quality wellness centres. The Czech spas are mostly to be found around natural thermal and mineral springs, sometimes appearing in the form of gases and muds.
As in the rest of Europe, from the original strictly medical purpose only afterwards the recreation and rejuvenating function of spas evolved. Come to refresh yourself, relax and clear your mind, using special weekend or longer packages. Apart from the procedures you will be able to admire the lavish architecture and cultural events of many spa towns restored to their original 19th century splendour (e.g. Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Podebrady…).

Want to go hiking the Czech mountains? Caving and speleotrekking in Czech limestone caves? Go fishing or hunting in abundant Czech forests? Or try out high ropes and other exciting adrenalin activities? We can introduce you the active and daredevil Czech Republic and tailor-make the best adventure tour of your life.

Golf has become one of the fastest growing sports in Czech Republic. There are more than 100 golf courses here and new ones are being built every year in all parts of the country. If you do not want to travel far you can easily stay in the capital of Prague and enjoy top golf experience in the vicinity.
Inspira offers complex travel services for golf players or incentive and leisure groups aiming to play golf in the Czech Republic. We will find the right golf course for you, do all the paperwork, arrange for accommodation, transfers and all the details you might need. We can also organize a private tournament for you.

Nowadays arguably one of the most atheist countries in Europe, the Czech Republic used to be an important religious centre and crossroad in the past. Apart from Catholic and Protestant Christian monuments and sights, there are also many places connected with Jewish culture and religion.
The most significant and famous monuments have been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites (Kutná Hora, the Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk at Zelená Hora, the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc, the Jewish Quarter and the St Procopius’ Basilica in Třebíč…).
Other important pilgrimage sites (e.g. Svatá hora u Příbrami) are listed as national monuments. The countryside is covered by thousands of gorgeous baroque churches and other smaller religious objects. There are also many long lost Jewish cemeteries. And finally, the city of Prague is known as the “city of a hundred steeples” originating in all periods of history. Our itineraries cover also the neighbouring countries, for example Poland with the Monastery of Jasna Góra in Częstochowa, which is the third-largest Catholic pilgrimage site in the world.

Old school cold lager, righteous pork with dumplings, delicious sausages and strong bakery tradition, but also trendy Michelin-star gastronomy – you can meet all of these here. Although beer definitely rules these lands, wine is also produced in the Czech Republic. And it truly deserves appreciation since the country’s largest vineyard area is on the same latitude as Newfoundland Island in Canada!
The best wine producing regions can be found in Southern Moravia, and white wines from the area have won awards at international competitions. Coulinary tours to Czech Republic (sometimes in combination with other Eastern European countries) are becoming increasingly popular. We can take an advantage of our close personal contacts with many wine makers, local food producers and hidden restaurants.

Enjoy one of our itineraries, prepared with a special focus to cover the sights from architecture angle. Walk with your specialized guides and explore the architecture gems and marvelous structures. Thanks to the rich history, you can admire all historical styles in the Czech Republic. From romanesque and gothic churches and castles to renaissance palaces, from baroque villages to modern architecture of 19th and 20th century – it ‘s generally a panopticum of European architecture evolution. In the centre stands Prague – a town that is considered to be one of the most beautiful historical cities in the world. But also our neighboring countries have a lot to show to you.

Are you avid photographers? We will tailor made the itinerary for you, taking into consideration the season, your preferred topic, weather and time allowance. We can send out with your a specialized photography guide that will help you to catch the best moments and angles!

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  • Thank you so much for organising this wonderful trip for us. I love seeing all the beautiful old buildings and cathedrals and the picturesque scenery along the River Danube. inspired me. The hotels you picked for us in Czech are centrally located and clean. The hotel room in Prague was quite big. Our tour guide in Czech was friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
    Private tour to Eastern Europe, May 2015
  • Hi Jana, Another very good feedback from these clients for their driver: „But since we are on the email, you may like to know and convey our appreciation to our Czech driver for the Salzburg-Czesky Krumlov segments. We all found him to be a very careful ,considerate and safe driver. He helped to make that long road trip very comfortable and enjoyable for us.“ He is our unsung silent hero !  The family are very well travelled and if they make it a point to raise this up, I’m sure he is indeed a star ! Please convey our sincerest THANK YOU to him and please let him know the family thank him and comment him very well for his service ! I think I want to use him for all MY future VIPs booking 🙂 Thanks !
    Private tour to Eastern Europe, October 2014
  • I like really your service Jana, very efficient! I mean it! thank you!
    Private tour to Eastern Europe, April 2016
  • Hi Jana! Thank you so much for your kind follow-up... Hope to be able to do business with you and your company soon!!!  😉
    Pilgrim group to the Czech Republic, April 2015
  • Clients have a very good time in Prague. Thanks very much and appreciate your effort.
    Private tour to Eastern Europe, October 2015


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