Pálava vineyards, Czech Republic

While it’s true to say that the Czech Republic is perhaps better known for its beer, very good wine is also produced here and its quality is improving.

Night visit of Bouzov Castle, Czech Republic

Easy itinerary covering 7 different UNESCO sites of the Czech Republic within 9 days.

Strahov monastery, Prague

7 days programme covering the most important religious sites of the Czech Republic.

mini brewery excursion, Czech Republic

Enjoy some of the best Czech traditions during this day trip.

St. Barbara Church, Kutna Hora

A half day excursion to once the second richest city in the Kingdom of Bohemia

Karlovy Vary colonnade

A day tour to the spa region of Western Bohemia.

mini brewery tour Giant Mountains

A daytrip to Zatecko region – the birth place of Czech beer production + Říp Hill.

Czech village in winter

Having ancestors from the Czech Republic? Discover your family past!

Cesky Krumlov Castle tower by night

Daytrip to southern Bohemia – a land of tranquil rural landscape untouched by modern civilization with two UNESCO sites: picturesque town of Cesky Krumlov with beautiful medieval city centre surrounded by Vltava River; and a village of Holasovice with well preserved rural houses.

Svata Hora, Pribram

Admire the different architectural styles presented by specialized guides in this tour that will show you the beauties of the country from an architecture angle.